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What Are The Best Investment Options In UAE?

22 November 2021

If you are earning a steady income, savings are always on the agenda. But if you are looking at becoming financially independent, your savings are not going to be sufficient. This is exactly why all financial consultants advise on making investments.

Investments help you multiply your savings so that you can have money to pay for your expenses. If you are in the UAE, there are various investment avenues that you can choose from.

National Bonds:
The National Bonds scheme is available to everyone, including the UAE nationals. Purchasing these bonds is convenient, and there is no restriction on the minimum income from these bonds. You can invest a decent amount of money in National Bonds and reap good benefits.

Private Equity:
Another option is an investment in Private Equity. There are several private investment firms in the UAE that help you trade in profit-making stocks. However, earnings from stocks are volatile and could be dependent upon numerous factors depending on local and global market conditions.

At Bank of Bullion, we understand the importance of security as well as the assurance of consistent returns when you are investing.

Here is why Bank of Bullion Gold Bonds is the most beneficial option to save and invest.

1. Rate of Interest: When you invest in Bank of Bullion Gold Bonds you can earn more interest on your investment as compared to the other avenues. Our highest returns are 9.89% which is greater than the rate of interest offered by other bonds or even the savings accounts.

2. Security: When you invest in Gold Bonds, you are issued debentures over the assets of the issuing company. The complete processing of your investment at Bank of Bullion is done through regulated trustees which offers more security. To top it all, this investment also comes with the corporate guarantee from Bank of Bullion.

3. Tax-ability: With the UAE being a tax-free country, the interest earned from investing in gold bonds are exempted from state and local taxes. Investors can reap the benefits of earning all interests accrued on their invested amount.
For more information on gold bond investments in the UAE, get in touch with our team at Bank of Bullion. Our experienced consultants are here to talk you through best investment option and support you with investing through our regulated trustee.