Bank of Bullion

At Bank of Bullion (SBP Gold & Diamonds LLC), we are committed to providing gold to our clients with competitive rates as we source the gold directly from the refineries and mines around the world. We also offer an award winning online trading platform for clients to trade with us 24/7 during market hours.

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Our Core Values


Trust is an essential part of our business. Our reputation has been built over the years with our clients trusting us based on our work ethics, reliability and credibility.


Our team takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously.  Every individual in our team has been trained to integrate social and environmental concerns in our business practices. It is our responsibility to ensure our clients’ receive full transparency of our business operations.


Our commitment to our clients is of vital importance to us. We aim not only to deliver on what we say, but we strive to be proactive and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Building Relationships

Our goal is to develop and retain long-term relationship with our clients. Every client has unique requirements, and with our expertise we are able to offer each individual a tailored investment plan.


About Us
With our experience in global financial markets and precious metals, we are the premier choice for clients looking for opportunities to diversify their portfolios. In addition to complete security, we offer local and global knowledge to help you make the right investment decisions, whether you are looking to buy precious metals physically or trade commodities online.
Our Background
Due to the economies of scale and contacts we have nurtured over the years, the management team at Bank of Bullion have developed extensive links to refineries and miners in Africa and South America. This gives us the advantage not only to source gold, a highly sought product that is in continuous demand but also to offer gold at a more competitive rate than others.
Our Mission

To introduce High Net Worth Individuals and sophisticated investors to investment options into precious metals in both physical and online trading.

Our Vision

To support and enhance client investment experience through our dedicated research and analytical feedback.

Precious Metals
This token gives you a share of the company revenue. Stake it today and start earning.
This token gives you a share of the company revenue. Stake it today and start earning.
Investment Options
An alternative to stablecoins, backed by a tangible, un-inflatable asset.
Why Choose Us?
Over the years, Bank of Bullion has grown to be a reputed supplier of physical gold and precious metals in Dubai. We have positioned ourselves to be a trusted vendor to supply jewelers in the famous Gold Souq of Dubai. Additionally, Bank of Bullion also provides exports to the burgeoning markets of India, China, Hongkong that have an insatiable appetite for Gold.
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