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Founded on the belief that investors are best served with experienced consultants, who are motivated to work solely in the best interests of their clients.  

At Bank of Bullion, we are committed to providing gold to our clients with competitive rates as we source the gold directly from the refineries and mines and even offer a secured bullion trading platform utilizing the industry’s global award winning application.

Due to the economies of scale and contacts we have nurtured over the years, the management team at Bank of Bullion have developed extensive links to refineries and miners in Africa and South America. This gives us the advantage not only to source gold, a highly sought product that is in continuous demand but also to offer gold at a more competitive rate than others.

Being a fully regulated gold dealer- in Dubai, our offices are secured by SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority). This level of security ensures our premises are monitored 24/7/365 with direct feeds to the UAE police and all records are maintained. Not only is gold sourced ethically it also ensures the highest level of security.

The strength of Bank of Bullion is that we offer a secured bullion trading platform utilizing the industry’s leading trading application. We facilitate the highly convenient sale and purchase of gold and precious metals, around the clock twenty-four hours a day, five days a week, at very attractive spot market prices, with the option of physical delivery to your doorstep. Coupled with additional conveniences like free of cost storage and insurance.



Trust is an essential part of our business. Our reputation has been built over the years with our clients trusting us based on our work ethics, reliability and credibility.


Our team takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously.  Every individual in our team has been trained to integrate social and environmental concerns in our business practices. It is our responsibility to ensure our clients’ receive full transparency of our business operations.


Our commitment to our clients is of vital importance to us. We aim not only to deliver on what we say, but we strive to be proactive and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Building Relationships

Our goal is to develop and retain long-term relationship with our clients. Every client has unique requirements, and with our expertise we are able to offer each individual a tailored investment plan.


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Taylor Fowlis
Goolge Review
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Best fixed rate investments in 2021. Great service, would recommend👍
The Concierge London Ltd
Goolge Review
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Easy, great customer care and service, will use again to buy gold and for future investments
Uma Pavaphiphat
Google Review
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Great service, knowledgeable team to help you choose the right investment option, best online trading platform.
Google Review
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Reliable investment company with regulated trustee for high yield returns, great service as well.
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Easy to work with, straight forward and simple process
Google Review
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5* Review

Meet the Team

Nick Patel

CEO & Founder, Bank of Bullion

Chaitanya Shah

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Bank of Bullion

Uma Pavaphiphat

Executive Assistant to Managing Director at Bank of Bullion

Kalpana Ramchandani

Social Media Executive at Bank of Bullion