Top 5 benefits of gold bonds investment in 2021

gold investment

It is a well-known fact that investment is one of the best ways to multiply your funds. There are a multitude of options available in the market. You can gather details of the plans and returns and invest accordingly. If you are looking for an investment opportunity right now, gold investment is the best thing to do. 

Here are the reasons why:
Liquidity: In case you need urgent funds in the future, gold is the easiest thing to liquidate. You can sell gold across a variety of sellers.

Protection from inflation: The rates for gold remain more or less unaffected in the UAE and across the world during inflation. So, by investing in gold, it is likely that you will not have to suffer losses when inflation hits and the currency falls globally.

Wealth creation: Gold, being a precious metal, holds great significance in terms of wealth. It is passed from generation to generation without a marked difference in its evaluation.

Easy investment: Gold is an easy investment if you are looking at kick-starting your investment journey. When you opt for gold as a financial investment, you have lesser risks involved.

Although gold is an attractive option for investment, investing in gold bonds is even better. Wondering why?

Here is why gold bonds in the UAE are a better choice of investment than gold.

First and foremost, you enjoy lower prices than physical gold when applied online.
Secondly, on gold bonds, you get a fixed interest rate.

With gold bonds, you also do not incur any holding or storage costs! In addition to this, when issued to you by a reputed financial institution, these bonds carry a corporate guarantee.
Last but not least, there are no capital gains tax at the maturity, redemption, or transfer of these gold bonds, although the interest earned is taxable.

For more information on gold bond investments in UAE, get in touch with our team at Bank of Bullion. Our experienced consultants are here to talk you through this investment option and support you with investing through our regulated trustee.

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