Why to buy Gold from Dubai?

Why to buy Gold from Dubai?

If the title of this article interests you, you are either someone looking to invest in the precious metal or someone looking to expand your stock of gold. But there are two sides of the story; first, why to buy gold and second, why you should buy it from Dubai?

Let’s address the first question first! Gold is prehistorically the best investment idea and it continues to be till now. If you want to park your money somewhere, gold is the safest prospect to put it. This is because:

  • In spite of market volatility, fluctuating inflation and all others reasons that cause uncertainty, effect on gold remains minimal. In a way gold is one of the most secure investments.
  • Statistics show that during the last decades, quantity of new gold production declined by a considerable percentage. Further, it takes many years to explore new mines and increase production. Consequently, the supply of gold reduces and demand increases, thus leading to increase in gold prices. Eventually, your possession becomes more valuable!
  • For people looking to diversify their investment, gold is an incredibly beneficial commodity. Before this demand grows further, you can strengthen your assets by investing in gold.

Attributes of Buying Gold from Dubai

Coming to the million dollar question, why buying gold from Dubai is a wise decision, here are some significant points to keep in mind.

Aren’t these enough reasons for you to explore the prospects of buying gold in Dubai?

Purity: Nowhere else in the world can you find the purity of gold as much as in Dubai. Gold market in Dubai is government regulated and as per the regulation, every gold merchandiser must mandatorily carry the hallmark for purity on every gold item he sells. This way, you are sure that your precious possession is authenticate and carries its true value.

Cost: The price you pay for gold in Dubai can be way too less than anywhere else. Gold is exempt of taxes and so all you have to pay when buying gold in Dubai is – the cost of gold!

Diversity: If you have plans to buy gold jewelry, you have a choice wider than you can imagine when in Dubai. While there is a multitude of gold shopping stores here, you got an unbelievably large assortment of gold ornaments to pick from.

International Prices: Gold market in Dubai goes alongside the international market. This means, whenever you buy gold in Dubai, you are buying it on the international price. If the price of gold.