Invest Today on GOLD BOND A fixed interest rate every year ensures credit risk-free
investments over the full maturity period.

Fixed Income Bonds?

Interest rates with banks today and for the foreseeable future are negligible. After annual inflation £1000 in a high street bank will be worth £970 in purchasing power. Our Fixed Income Bonds pay up to 9%. Complete the form on our website and you will receive a call back from one of our investment advisors. We associate only with licensed and regulated companies. Investments are vetted prior to promoting them on our website.

Our marketing website introduces you to investments in accordance with your search. Always consult your Financial Advisor before making any investment.

Gold Traders in Dubai
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Gold Bonds a better option !

Gold bonds are an ideal investment tool for both pensioners and young investors. There is a steady and stable income being credited into your bank account. Comparing different bond investments will help you to identify the ones best suited for your financial needs.

We are licensed and regulated by Dubai Economic Department (DED) under license number 750525. Your funds are backed and guaranteed with real Gold bars. Our client comfort and protection is our main priority . All funds are transacted through an FCA regulated firm that acts as a trustee. Our clients have full FCA protection

At the end of business everyday all funds are deposited back into our bank account. This is to ensure that we are not affected by the price of Gold and any fluctuations in the market; hence there is zero risk to our clients.

See how it Works

We are one of the biggest suppliers of Gold bars in Dubai. We buy gold at approximately $1 discount to the prevailing price per ounce and sell to local jewelers at market price.

For Example !

gold bonds dubai

# The client invests in Gold Bonds at agreed returns with Bank of Bullion

# Bank of Bullion buys 1kg Gold at discount from refineries

# Gold is then sold at market price to Jewelers & Traders

# Jewelers and Traders pay Bank of Bullion immediately

# Process is complete and repeated every day

Why invest Gold bond with Bank of Bullion ?

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Why invest Gold bond with Bank of Bullion ?

During the 2008 recession, Shelton Jackson and his Mrs. lost their jobs and were in a dire situation. With no job prospects in sight, they were looking for a way to get out of the hole they were in.

Shelton and us got connected during this period; we guided him in learning how to trade online – in a few months from then, using our daily reports to leverage his trades, he started seeing results. Today Shelton is a successful trader who trains others to help them generate a passive income through online trading.

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The content of this promotion has not been approved by an authorized person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Reliance on this promotion for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested” (Article 48(5) and Article 50A(5)).

FCA regulatory framework provides strict guidelines we must adhere to. Under FCA rules this investment cannot be promoted to retail investors and must only be offered to qualifying high net worth and sophisticated investors as detailed below.

These investments are considered ‘non readily realisable securities’, which means they’re illiquid, difficult to price and don’t have a secondary market. This also means they’re only suitable for certain types of investor:

 – An individual who has signed, within the period of twelve months ending with the day on which communication is made, a statement to confirm they have an annual income of not less than £100,000, or net assets, excluding their primary residence, of not less than £250,000.

 – An individual who has a written certificate within the last 36 months by an FCA Approved Person confirming that the Investor is sufficiently knowledgeable to understand the risks associated with engaging in investment activity in non-mainstream pooled investments.

 – An individual who has signed, within the period of twelve months ending with the day on which communication is made, a statement to confirm that they have sufficient knowledge to understand the risks associated with engaging in investment activity in non-mainstream pooled investments.

Under FCA regulations it is essential to verify all of our prospective investors’ status prior to delivering any financial promotions or details of investment opportunities.

In order to proceed you must first confirm that you are one of the following types of investor.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, you must not proceed any further.