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Bank of Bullion was incorporated in January 2016. The Company’s activities were set up in Dubai due to the favourable tax laws in the UAE. It has grown to be a major supplier of physical gold, precious metals in Dubai and also Dubai Bonds, positioning itself as a trusted vendor to supply to jewellers in the famous Gold Souq of Dubai as well as providing exports to the burgeoning markets of India, China, and specifically Hongkong that have an insatiable appetite for gold.

Bank of Bullion’s current daily turnover in the year 2020 was approximately 20 KG per day. Bank of Bullion’s revenue in sales for the year 2020 was approximately $135,000,000, and this was generated even though Bank of Bullion was not operating at its full capacity due to the pandemic.

Cin Au Bullion Limited was established in May 2017. The Company has been established to raise funds from the issue of loan notes in the United Kingdom to trade in gold, other precious metals and Dubai Bond Investments in the UAE.

Cin Au Bullion Limited
3 year – 8%
5 year – 10%

Debenture over the assets of the Company in addition to corporate guarantee from Bank of Bullion – Gold Bonds Company in UAE. Fully secured.


All Loan Notes will rank pari passu, equally and rateably without discrimination or preference alongside all secured creditors of the Company.

3 and 5 year terms.
Launch Date
14th May 2021
Closing Date

13th May 2025

Minimum Investment
The minimum investment is £10,000 (with increments of £1,000 thereafter).

Maximum Investment

The maximum investment is £10,000,000.


SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency)

Ownership of the Loan Notes cannot be transferred to another party.
Early Redemption
Investors are not able to redeem Loan Notes prior to maturity.
Early Repayment
The Company may at any time, after giving the Loan Noteholders not less than one month’s written notice, redeem the Loan Note or any portion of the Loan Note by paying all monies due to the Loan Noteholders at the time. The Company shall pay to the Loan Noteholders the principal amount, and any the interest due until the end of the year in which the early repayment occurred.

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We are one of the biggest suppliers of Gold bars in Dubai. We buy gold at discounted rates through refineries and direct purchases from mines to the prevailing market price and sell to local jewelers, traders and retails clients at market price.

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Our mission is to guide clients through these uncertain times with alternative investment options and help them make the right decisions to secure their financial future.

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Most frequent questions and answers

For gold investors in Dubai/UAE, you can contact our team at The process includes filling up the investor self-certification form on the website and your contact information, our team will be in touch with you to guide you through this investment option. You will need to fill up the online application form stating your investment terms and upload your documents for KYC/AML verification. Once approved, you may start earning interest on your investment and an investment certificate will be sent to you for your reference.

If one is looking to invest in gold bonds in UAE, look into gold bonds offered by Bank of Bullion. Bank of Bullion is the only firm in the UAE offering bonds backed by real gold. With options from 1 to 5 years, one can earn returns up to 10% per annum. Contact the team at, and our experienced consultants will assist you through this investment option.

The gold bonds offered by Bank of Bullion are secured with a corporate guarantee that helps protect investors in the event of insolvency. Additionally, our gold bonds are also managed by an FCA (financial conduct authority) regulated trustee. These features offer added security and comfort to investors looking for gold bonds in the UAE.

Absolutely, for those looking for a gold investment plan, gold bonds are a safer way to invest as it allows investors to hold gold without the storage cost and hassle. The returns are fixed throughout the investment period and are backed by real gold. This makes gold bonds a low risk investment option as it is not susceptible to any market fluctuations.

Yields earned on Gold bonds in the UAE are not subject to any income tax as UAE is a tax free country. As Bank of Bullion is based out of Dubai, gold investors in Dubai/UAE are entitled to earn their investment returns tax free.

Once you have completed the investor self certification and online application forms, and submitted your documents for KYC/AML verifications, our compliance team at Bank of Bullion along with our trustee will review them. Upon approval, a welcome pack and investment certificate will be issued stating the terms of the investment. The process is made simple and easy for those looking to buy gold bonds online.