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Commodities are the fundamental building blocks of the world economy. They’re the physical goods that are used directly by both consumers and industries to produce other consumer goods. 

Commodities Trading

Commodities are the fundamental building blocks of the world economy. They’re the physical goods that are used directly by both consumers and industries to produce other consumer goods.

There are several types of commodities, including:

  1. Energy
  2. Precious Metals (gold, silver & copper)

Commodity prices will be affected by a wide range of factors, including: 

  1. Supply & demand
  2. Weather & geographical events 
  3. Economic & political factors
  4. The value of U.S. dollar

These products tend to be homogeneous in nature and play a fundamental role in the economy. Volatility can often be seen to increase whenever there are disruptions around the globe, such as with social or political unrest, or unusual weather conditions.

Commodities like gold are popular with investors as they have long been considered a store of value and therefore, a “safe haven”.  These safe-haven assets have historically held their value during times of economic and political uncertainty.

What is commodities trading?

Commodities  trading is a popular way to speculate on the financial markets. The origins of commodities trading can be traced back to Asia hundreds of years ago. Commodities are mostly traded in two forms – cash and forward – with the settlement (or delivery) dates being the main difference between the two. Cash settled commodities have a settlement date that is usually in the near future, while forward commodities usually settle further in the future and therefore, tend to have wider spreads. Find out more about commodities here.

The most popularly traded commodity sectors are energies (like oils and natural gas), metals (including gold, silver and copper) and soft commodities (such as cocoa, coffee and sugar and wheat). See how you can start trading commodities with us.

The new way to trade commodities

As there are no fixed expiries, we are also able to offer continuous charting on these markets. This means your technical analysis will be available as long as you want it. We have used past data to backdate our charts for the last three to five years, so you can get an accurate historical look.

Lower Spreads

Enjoy some of the best commodity spreads on the market with no insurance costs, including on gold and oil


As a continuous stream, your profit/loss will be clearer over the position’s lifetime and with a daily funding charge for holding a position overnight, there’s no need to close on expiry and open a new position

Continuous Charting

Take advantage of technical analysis, available as long as you want, and backdated price charts for the last three to five years

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Learn to Trade Commodities

The traders must be well aware of how commodities correlate to fluctuations in the global economy. They must fully understand the analytics of the process in order to make the most optimum decisions in commodity trading. 

Due to the complexities presented with commodity trading, it is always advisable for inexperienced traders to familiarize themselves with some training. We provide free trading with $10,000 demo account.

Our Trading Platform

To provide our customers with initial experience in trading we offer our user friendly and intuitive trading platform. You can always sign up for a demo trading account and learn more about its functions.

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