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Bank of Bullion was incorporated in January 2016. The Company’s activities were set up in Dubai due to the favourable tax laws in the UAE. It has grown to be a major supplier of physical gold and precious metals in Dubai, positioning itself as a trusted vendor to supply to jewellers in the famous Gold Souq of Dubai as well as providing exports to the burgeoning markets of India, China, and specifically Hongkong that have an insatiable appetite for gold.

Bank of Bullion’s current daily turnover in the year 2020 was approximately 20 KG per day. Bank of Bullion’s revenue in sales for the year 2020 was approximately $135,000,000, and this was generated even though Bank of Bullion was not operating at its full capacity due to the pandemic.

Cin Au Bullion Limited was established in May 2017. The Company has been established to raise funds from the issue of loan notes in the United Kingdom to trade in gold and other precious metals in the UAE.

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Investment Summary

Cin Au Bullion Limited
3 year – 8%
5 year – 10%

Debenture over the assets of the Company in addition to corporate guarantee from Bank of Bullion. Fully secured.


All Loan Notes will rank pari passu, equally and rateably without discrimination or preference alongside all secured creditors of the Company.

3 and 5 year terms.
Launch Date
14th May 2021
Closing Date
13th May 2022
Minimum Investment
The minimum investment is £10,000 (with increments of £1,000 thereafter).

Maximum Investment

The maximum investment is £10,000,000.


Blue Water Capital Limited (FCA Regulated)

Ownership of the Loan Notes cannot be transferred to another party.
Early Redemption
Investors are not able to redeem Loan Notes prior to maturity.
Early Repayment
The Company may at any time, after giving the Loan Noteholders not less than one month’s written notice, redeem the Loan Note or any portion of the Loan Note by paying all monies due to the Loan Noteholders at the time. The Company shall pay to the Loan Noteholders the principal amount, and any the interest due until the end of the year in which the early repayment occurred.

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Investment Summary

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In order to apply for the Investment, download the forms below, complete and return to: ir@bankofbullion.com

or email your scanned documents to: applications@bluewatercapital.co

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FAQ - Loan Note

The investment is secured by way of a debenture over the assets of the company meaning Loan Noteholders rank in priority to unsecured creditors of the Company. The presence of this security does not mean, however, that capital and returns are guaranteed.

No. Neither the Company nor the Loan Notes are regulated. Accordingly, this is a higher risk investment than alternative regulated products.

Any individual who is over the age of 18, or a trust, company, the retail sector, or charity that is not prevented by the laws of its governing jurisdiction from applying for or holding the loan notes.
Investors must also fall within one of the following categories:
(i) certified high net worth investors (as per FinProm article 48);
(ii) certified sophisticated investors (as per FinProm article 50); or
(iii) self-certified sophisticated investors (as per FinProm article 50A).
We recommend all investors speak to an advisor who is authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and specialises in investments of this kind. 

All of your original investment is expected to be returned in full at maturity of the Loan Notes, being 3 or 5 years.

A debenture is a form of security, usually granted in favour of a security trustee to hold on behalf of Loan Noteholders, which generally attaches to all the current and future assets of the issuing company. In the event of a default (such as non-payment of interest or capital), the security trustee can enforce the security and take control of the issuer’s assets in order to sell them for the benefit of the loan noteholders.


You may be able to hold your Loan Notes in a SIPP and SASS wrapper provided your pension provider is willing to accept non-standard assets such as unlisted securities. Investors must check with the pension provider first and should not assume the Loan Notes will be SIPP or SSAS-eligible.

Yes, corporate investments or joint applications can be accepted.

Interest is calculated from the date funds are cleared and made available to the Company (and all KYC and AML documentation has been received).

No, the Loan Notes are non-transferrable. Potential investors should consider carefully whether an investment in the Loan Notes is right for them in light of their personal financial circumstances as they will not be able to sell the Loan Notes and receive their capital back until the end of the relevant term (3 or 5 years).

Subject to available cash resources, the Directors will endeavour to redeem, within a reasonable period, Loan Notes held by the executors of deceased Loan Noteholders, where so requested, to assist with probate liquidity.

This will depend on your personal circumstances. In most cases, you will receive interest payments after the deduction of 20% “withholding tax” which we will pay direct to HMRC on your behalf, as is required under UK law. In this case, we will supply you will an annual statement setting out the tax paid. Where you are a higher or additional taxpayer, you may be required to pay additional tax. In certain circumstances, withholding tax usually does not apply, for instance where the subscriber is a UK company or where the loan notes are held in a pension. For all information about tax, we recommend all Investors speak to an independent specialised tax advisor who is authorised and specialises in investments of this kind.

We recommend all Investors speak to an advisor who is authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and specialises in investments of this kind.

Investors can apply through an authorised financial intermediary or direct using the application form provided. We strongly recommend investors consult an appropriately authorised financial adviser before making an application to subscribe for Loan Notes.

You have fourteen (14) days to cancel your application once your application has been received.

Our client relationship team would be very pleased to assist you with any questions. You can contact our Investor Relations team at ir@bankofbullion.com. Please note that we cannot provide investment, legal or tax advice, only guidance on the practicalities of investing. We strongly recommend that you speak to an appropriately authorised financial adviser before making any investment decision.

YOUR CAPITAL IS AT RISK. Loan notes are usually non-readily realisable, non-transferable securities. Investors should be aware that past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance or returns and you may not get back all of your original investment. All prospective investors are advised to seek independent financial advice.

* Investors who have been certified or have self-certified as a Sophisticated Investor or a High Net Worth Individual with the Financial Introducer.

** The Financial Introducer is an independent third party who will introduce you to the investment you choose so you can do your due diligence and apply directly with the issuer of the investment.

The investment this material refers to has not been approved by an ‘authorised person’ under Section 21 of the Financial Services Act 2000. To view the investment material, you must be either: (a) High Net Worth Individual, (b) Sophisticated Investor or (c) Self Certified Investor. Before you will be able to receive any further materials you must certify your investor status, if you do not meet these criteria, you must not take any further action. Investments of this type carry significant risk and the capital you have invested will be at risk. This investment is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Self Certification

The content of this promotion has not been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Reliance on this promotion for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested” (Article 48(5) and Article 50A(5)).

Under FCA rules certain types of investments cannot be promoted to retail investors and must only be offered to qualifying self-certified high net worth and sophisticated investors.

High Net Worth Investor – An individual who has signed a statement to confirm they have an annual income of not less than £100,000, or net assets, excluding their primary residence, of not less than £250,000.

Certified Sophisticated Investor – An individual who has a written certificate within the last 36 months by an FCA Approved Person confirming that the Investor is sufficiently knowledgeable to understand the risks associated with engaging in investment activity in non-mainstream pooled investments.

Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor – An individual who has signed a statement to confirm that they have sufficient knowledge to understand the risks associated with engaging in investment activity in non-mainstream pooled investments.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, you must not proceed any further.

By clicking close button (X) and continuing, you can confirm that you fall into one of the investor categories above.